Bangladesh Trade Facilitation

Agro-Trade Gateway

  • To develop an agro-trade information hub for traders and regulators.
  • To make all agro-trade information easily accessible through digital platforms.

Dedicated Agro-Trade Sections under Bangladesh Trade Portal and Bangladesh Customs Porta

  • Agro-trade section system prototype developed
  • Structure of the portal finalized

India maintains a functional trade portal

  • Department of Agricultural Extension
  • Department of Livestock Services
  • Department of Fisheries
  • Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution
  • Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission

Agro-trade Gateway (Under Construction)

What BTF is Doing

BTF is developing a dedicated information hub for addressing the limited availability of information on agro-trade issues in the form of a dedicated Agro-Trade Gateway under the Bangladesh Trade Portal. The portal will include step-by-step procedures for export and import of agro-products, domestic regulations and requirements, market access, testing and compliance requirements, information on traders, international standards and regulations etc. The portal will bring all agro-trade-related information available to the stakeholders in one click.

The Customs Portal part will have step-by-step information on product product-specific goods clearance process. Documentary and other requirements for Customs clearance will be provided under the section.

BTF is also developing interactive agro-trade manuals on major products for traders.