Bangladesh Trade Facilitation

Automate Export Import Procedures

  • To reduce time and cost of trade-related procedure

  • To introduce a paperless system
  • To improve transparency, accountability, and credibility

Reduce Average Release Time by 15%

  • Completed Export e-Health Certification system

  • 4 CLPO issuance automation process
  • 10+ automated certification process at development stage

In Singapore, the electronic procedure for trade documentation reduced processing times from four days to 15 minutes and lowered the cost of submission per document by 71%.

  • Department of Agricultural Extension
  • Department of Livestock Services
  • Department of Fisheries
  • Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution
  • Bangladesh Food Safety Authority

What BTF is doing

Automation of trade procedures increases efficiency, improves transparency, and reduces time and cost to trade. Automation also harmonizes and streamlines complex procedures involved in agro-trade.

BTF is undertaking 18 automation projects targeting the license/permit issuance process, lab report generation and transfer process, transfer of documents from agencies to Bangladesh Customs, monitoring tools for agro agencies, compliance issues etc. Some of the automation project includes:

  • Contract farming and traceability automation for selected products
  • FIQC Export-Import Certification Systems
  • Automated Lab Information Management and Report Transfer System
  • BFSA e-Health Certification System for Export products
  • Lab Information Repository