Bangladesh Trade Facilitation

Enhance Cold Storage Facility

  • To establish adequate temperature-controlled logistic facility
  • ​To make a functional cold chain system near ports
  • To make the operation of existing cold storage systems structured in line with international best practice

Increase in cold storage capacity by 60,000 m3

  • USD 5 million investment projects under evaluation
  • 2 private Modular Cold Storage Facility under development
  • Developed Cold Storage Establishment and Operation Regulation 2023

  • Cold storage capacity in Vietnam reached 0.116 m3 per capita, the third highest in the Asia Pacific.
  • In 2020, 66.7% of Vietnam’s cold storage facilities were used by export manufacturers.

  • LixCap Advisory
  • Global Cold Chain alliance
  • Department of Agricultural Marketing
  • iFarmer Bangladesh
  • Pacific Solar

What BTF is doing

One of the unique features of agro-products is their perishable nature which necessitates expedited procedures for clearance as well as some additional port and other facilities. WTO TFA, with an aim to ensure the facilitation and faster clearance of perishable products encourages specials treatment to perishable products. BTF directly partners with the public and the private sector to contribute to the specialized measure for Article 7.9 Perishable Goods. Technical support is being provided by the project in areas of feasibility study, design of the facility, technical inputs during design and implementation, connecting suppliers to businesses, etc. International partners like LixCap Advisory and Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) are working with this component of BTF.

Activities include:

  • Leveraging private sector investment in establishing cold storage and temperature-controlled logistic facility
  • Developing Regulations for the efficient operation of existing Cold Storage facilities