Bangladesh Trade Facilitation

Improve Laboratories and Testing

  • To enhance the credibility of Bangladeshi products globally
  • To make agro products testing labs internationally accredited
  • To enhance trust in the private sector
  • To optimally utilize the food testing lab capacity in the country

6 firms obtain ISO certification

  • ISO Certification ongoing for 3 labs
  • Online lab-information repository system developed
  • Automated lab-report transfer process developed for 8 labs and integration with Bangladesh Customs is in process

61 food testing laboratories in India are FSSAI Notified NABL Accredited

  • Department of Agricultural Extension
  • Department of Livestock Services
  • Department of Fisheries
  • Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution
  • Bangladesh Food Safety Authority

What BFT is doing

With a view to upgrading the capacity of public and private laboratories in Bangladesh to meet international testing standards, including ISO 17025, BTF is working from multiple fronts. The approach includes assessment of gaps, development of lab-specific action plan and then need based interventions to make the labs time and cost efficient, as well as internationally recognized. Multiple labs under each regulatory agency are being targeted so nationwide capacity is enhanced. The activity encourages sustainability in the progress made and hence is partnering with the Government to retain the new systems developed from Government funds.

The intervention focuses:

  • Including private sector laboratories in the process of export-import to reduce pressure on government labs and ensure time and cost efficiency.
  • Attaining ISO Accreditation of public and private labs
  • Automation of lab report transfer process and interfacing with Bangladesh Customs
  • Inclusion of more public and private labs in the imported product testing regime to improve efficiency
  • Structured networking and collaboration among labs to better utilize national capacity