Bangladesh Trade Facilitation

National Agro-Trade Facilitation Roadmap

  • To state the present status of the agencies in implementing WTO TFA
  • To dentify the gaps present in the legislation and institutional framework
  • To suggest action points necessary to implement WTO TFA measures

Bangladesh meets all TFA obligations in due time

Action plan for 18 agro-agencies finalized

India has developed a National Trade Facilitation Action Plan 2020-2023. 

  • National Trade Facilitation Committee
  • Ministry of Commerce
  • All agro-trade regulatory agencies

Bangladesh TFA Implementation Tracker 

What BTF is Doing

Bangladesh, as a founding member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), ratified the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) in 2016. The country has already notified its Category of Commitments to the WTO along with the definitive dates for implementing Category C measures.

Around 70 agencies in Bangladesh are involved in cross-border trade are different levels. These agencies need to be engaged in the process of reform to make the implementation of TFA measures successful and impactful. In order to aware the agencies in their respective roles for trade facilitation, the concept of National Trade Facilitation Roadmap was introduced.

BTF, with request from the Ministry of Commerce has completed agency-wise Roadmap for all the agro-trade-regulatory agencies. The Roadmap suggests measure-wise status of each agency and suggests actions that are to be completed to achieve national-level implementation.

BTF also plans to develop an online tool to track the progress of monitoring and support coordination between and among the agencies.